Your Money is Safe

The Go Grp Ltd is a member of The Travel Trust Association or TTA

What does this mean for you?

It is well documented that many rental websites are just advertising services and as such there is a much greater risk of misrepresentation and fraud. There are also bogus companies out there. As a member of TTA you can be assured we have been vetted, that we do exist, and that we legally have to adhere to a strict set of trading standards of professional and financial ethic

When booking through The Go Grp Ltd all our guests are protected financially in the event that we are no longer financially viable as a business. With a 15 years of trading history, we don’t envisage any issues, but of course always better “safe than sorry” your money is protected.

On receipt of payment you we will send you a unique payment confirmation number and receipt from TTA – this will be you proof of financial insurance – so if the very unexpected happens, you’ll be able to get your money back or carry on your holiday as planned.

You can read information regarding this insurance and the Travel Trust by clicking here.

The Go Grp Ltd. TTA Membership number Q4105